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An online journal of an uprooted life.

A Garden Takes Root

The idea of having a school or community garden occurred to me a little over 10 years ago.  I’d had the opportunity to study abroad in Scotland at the Findhorn Foundation ( and was assigned work in the community gardens.  Aside from begrudgingly helping Dad mow the lawn and weed the garden as a teenager, I’d scare set foot in a garden.    Little did I know the joy, fun, healing and solace I’d find digging in the dirt on those cold spring mornings in Scotland.

But one thing was for sure, I was hooked.  Whilst at Findhorn,  I earned my Permaculture Design Certificate and felt I’d found a system of looking at the world that affirmed how I’d thought all along.  It just happened to have a name: permaculture.

As I settled back into life in my early 20s, permaculture and working on a farm became something to dream of, not actually do.  The summer after my undergraduate years I did work on a farm and loved it.  Up with the sun, the ache in my muscles, the unparalleled taste of fresher than fresh produce, seeing what a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program was all about.  As I skittered across various jobs and aspirations in my 20s I never quite lost that love for the farm.

I devoured books about agriculture and began to see that food, yes, food is certainly political.  Nearing the end of my 20s I at least had the beginnings of a career (I am a teacher) and money enough to support CSA’s.  For over a year, I ended up driving to that very first farm I worked on to partake in the CSA.

Fast forward about three years.  I’m in Costa Rica.  Sometimes I wonder how the heck I got here…but it was this love and passion for food and education that brought me here.

The goal: reinvent my teaching practice and build a community/school garden.

Experience in this endeavor: zilch.

Can-do and determination: over the top.

Join me as I attempt to document the process.  The bounty is just beginning.


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