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To start or not to start…is that the question?

I wasn’t born a planner.  Growing up, whenever I had some hair-brained idea, Mom would ask 20 questions.  In the process, my enthusiasm for my big bold new idea would usually die a little death.  This  had some effects.

1.) Stop telling Mom things (Okay not entirely true…but…funny.)

2.) Get damn good at forethought.

Mom was a teacher, too.  A mathematics teacher.

Is it some genetic modification to balance forethought and excitement?  I think so. She was, and still remains, such a master at it.  Maybe it is truly the power of maths in action.

I was always a little more free-spirited in my decision-making processes, tending to fall on the side of if I believe enough it will happen.  There is a word for that: blind faith.

Blind faith serves a purpose, albeit, one I haven’t figure out yet.  When I was a teenager, Mom’s incessant planner mode drove me bonkers.  Who says I CAN’T do it?!  Thanks for pooing on my dream parade.  But as I’ve grown and started my own career, I see the wisdom in her approach.  Doing something that matters, takes excitement and  planning.

But lately I’m simply annoyed by this attribute.  To start or not to start…isn’t that the question?


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2 thoughts on “To start or not to start…is that the question?

  1. Motivation is the answer. It’s hard to come by these days.

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