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Oh, the Places You’ll Go (at Burning Man)

The last three summers I’ve happened to be at this little party in the Nevada desert called Burning Man.  It has a notoriously bad rap for being a drug fueled rave.  And for some that is their experience.  But summing it up like that does a great disservice to the beauty of the event.

I am fiercely loyal to being a part of the Department of Public Works (DPW) who are the workers behind the scenes.  Frankly, DPW makes the city happen and we hold dearly to being rabble rousers who have a general dislike for BM participants.

Still, when I saw this video, it made my heart swell so very big.  Though I find the faux fur, the blinky lights, the over indulgence and dub step highly annoying, the event is a wonderful expression of creativity.

Go! Watch this!  


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