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On Humility and Courage

I am discovering that living abroad is a wonderful gift.   For one, it takes courage to uproot one’s life to pursue a grand adventure.  Secondly,  it takes grace being humbled on a near daily basis.

This isn’t something I’d read about in the culture shock literature.  And it is something I think it covered but isn’t referred to in such a positive light.  I think it is more like “at first you will be in awe, then you will hate it all.”  And I did go through that, too.  Followed by depression.

Now that I’ve come out the other side, it hit me today that humility is a really nice practice if you let it be a form of courage.    Living abroad takes a willingness to put aside ego, to be embarrassed about not knowing things and to ask for help.  And the help you’ll ask for might be from a virtual stranger.

If you are lucky, like I was today, that stranger won’t let you feel embarrassed for a minute.

Gratitude 2012.



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