Sow. Cultivate. Bloom.

An online journal of an uprooted life.

This is my life. No pinching required.

Whilst chatting with a friend back home today, it hit me.  My life is pretty amazing.  Not in a rub it in your face type of way but in a hugely full of gratitude way.  Now that I am over the hump of culture shock and working on settling in, I was just taken aback today by it all.

I am carving out a life I think I always dreamt of…that I thought other people had, but not me.  For many years, I harbored the deep dark illness that I didn’t deserve to be happy.  My job was to make everyone around me happy, in some bizarre twist of psyche, thinking it would make me happy, too.  But thems the breaks.

Though this gratitude gives me joy, it doesn’t mean I go around being so friggin’ mellow and happy all the time. Life still happens.  But every now and then retrospect catches in my throat.

I’ve had the privilege to live in Japan, Scotland and now Costa Rica.  I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many different States, Canada, Japan, The Philippines, Korea, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Turkey, the Princes’ Islands, Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Black Rock City, Nevada.  And to some of these places more than once!

I’ve dared wear leather pants in London, danced til’ the wee hours in Paris, been welcomed into Parisian homes, been mistaken for being Parisian, had high tea in a castle in Scotland, had Scotch in Scotland, worked on a farm in Scotland, watched fireworks from a cemetery in the Italian countryside, met my long-lost family on a small street in Germany, looked out on fields and fields of sunflowers, gazed upon the stars drinking red wine in a pool in Italy, eaten fresh cheese in the Alps, rock climbed in the Alps, eaten the best baklava of my life in Istanbul…the list goes on.

As I sit and I sweat, I see the beauty of a life full of intention, chance and second, third and infinite opportunities to build and rebuild.

This is my life.  No pinching required.


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