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Culture Shock? That’s it?

In an attempt to understand and negate the serious culture shock I’ve been wrestling with for the last 6 months, I turned to the internets. I must say the literature out there is sorely lacking. There are a million websites that outline the stages.

I read them hoping for some tidbit, some crumb, of relief. But no, relief was not to be had. Instead I was assaulted with cushy feel good bullshit for college students. Really? There is no other literature out there on this subject that goes beyond outlining the oh-so-generic stages? Like most things in life, I think, culture shock cannot be staged or categorized.

Like each person’s DNA, culture shock surely is unique to the individual. All I want to know is, where is the super secret society of cool expats? Do those exist? Dear internets, don’t tell me to use the internets to find a social group. I tried and the internets barely knows where I live much less has some super secret society book club posting.

Not that I’d join.

I am confounded; totally and completely. Hivemind, what good info is there out there on working through culture shock?


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