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One of the curriculums new to me is the International Primary Curriculum, herein known as IPC.  IPC comes out of Canada and are integrated units of study with a theme.  I recently started my unit called The Generation Game: Young and Old.

We are just getting started so we have done some cleverly disguised pre-assessments.  One activity was for each student to make a drawing of a young person and an old person.  After drawing they were instructed to write words that describe or remind them of activities that young or old people do.

I ended up having to break up the lesson into three days.  On day 2, I was trying to quickly review the instructions by drawing a quick sketch on the board.  When it came to the words to put around the drawing I asked the class “Anyone have any ideas for a word we could put here (pointing to the picture of the older person)?

Without a beat one student yelled out “Bingo!”

I was so surprised that bingo could transcend culture that I ended up just busting up right then and there.  Kids.  They really do say the darndest things.




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