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The Coming Revolution in Public Education

The Coming Revolution in Public Education

Amen, amen, a thousand amens. So well researched, referenced and written. My disenchanted heart rejoices.


The right–and wrong role—for teachers

The right–and wrong role—for teachers

An excellent article about how we measure teacher effectiveness and the way in which testing culture is changing our education system.

For the record, I tried to and strived to be a “Type Y” teacher. Probably explains a lot.

Dropping out…not just for high school anymore.

Dropping out…not just for high school anymore.

Since writing my post entitled “So I become a statistic…” I am seeing more and more posts and publication of teachers dissent, heartbreak, distrust and sorrow. Maybe it is that effect like when you buy your first new car, you swear you see it everywhere? 

But this isn’t like a new car. This is public education. We work with developing humans. We are in our prime and we are giving it up. We are dropping out in vocal ways.

I’m left to wonder how we channel this sea change to create real change. 

It isn’t just me…

It isn’t just me…

This is a moving, well written letter that outlines one teacher’s choice to retire early.  It also starts to answer my question about the system failing me or me failing the system. Read on, read on.

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